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Ahad, 26 Februari 2012
Sunshine Boy

Yah! Hello everybody! kyaaaa I deleted all my post. so this is will be my first post this year! :D
Actually I don't know what I supposed to write here. But sincerely, now my life getting more happy after being a pri... They're so nice to me. I love all of them.. and my precious boys. Five Treasure Island. I fell for them since last year. When my sister bought a mag that got FTIsland's poster inside it. And guess what. It's jaejin's birthday! So I spammed his mentions and from that moment, I love him so much till now. Nothing can describe my love towards him. Oh maybe, Xinyi knows. Only her? ahha yes cause she's hongjae biased! hehehehe. at first, I thought she only loves hongki then suddenly she kept tweeting about jaejin. aahaaaa I can't remember when was it.
Since tonight is the last night for this week, so I'm gonna tell you something happy.. and bad :( Firstly, If I'm not mistaken, FTIsland won 5th award today! They got 5 awards in a week. Damn that was so amazing okay. And as usual, primadonna will congrats them and spamming their mentions with all hearts and precious words. Including me hehehehe :3
Today is my day! hehehe firstly I got Minhwan's starcall. oh my god I was like a cute cat. Jumped crazily with  my sis omg they really made my day! aisssshhh minhwan showed me hongki and jaejin gamming on a laptop awww they're so cute ^^ This feelings are amazing. AMAZING. Secondly, they won inkigayo again! awh my boys are really worked hard and they deserve it so freaking much okay. but..... their perfomance on Music Core yesterday.... I've watched it so fucking many times. Hongki's voice... :'( his throat hurts.. and I was feeling so bad because I'm not there for him.. If only I can fly to korea now... the first thing I would do is, feeding him medcs.. He didn't sang the high note part.. Luckily, kpris were there for them. I'm glad... they were singing together.. BUT hongki still tweeted something nice. Ugh. :/
Hehehe it's okay actually because he sang well today and they won~ yaaayy happy me! oh um... k out of idea. bye~ ^^,

  Their smiles always make me smile :') 

PS: Jongki's birthday are coming soon! weeehoooooooo!
*um, sorry for my broken english... still in learning ^^*

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